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Earn Tokens when you play

Tokens are the internal currency used by CQNetwork - you can earn these by playing our quizzes. The best part of these tokens? You can redeem them for rewards such as Crytocurrency, vouchers and physical things!

  • Over 5,000 Questions

    Our quizmasters have created quizzes ranging from the latest Cryptocurrency information right through to general knowledge. Variety is the key - who knows, you might learn something!

  • Trustworthy Rewards

    Our claim and reward systems have been battle tested with over 1 million transactions sent over the last 3 years. Your hard work is in the best hands.

  • Invite your friends!

    We have one of the best referral systems out there - earn upto 2% of your referrals quiz tokens every time they play! You'll be on top of the leaderboards in no time!

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